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Dubby Black Tangerine Color 24oz [1 of 60]

Dubby Black Tangerine Color 24oz [1 of 60]

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- about 24oz fluid capacity

- Made with high quality plastic, leak proof

- BPA Free!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris Danna
My favorite colors

first, I got this for a couple reasons. It has my favorite color (Orange). It was also 4.5$ off for me with my purchase as a special and it is 1-60. I have another one that is their red and black. I like this one as far as the mouthpiece as it is a bit taller than my other one. My only complaint for this is that it did not come with the mesh insert that the other shaker had. I feel that the mesh seems to help a bit more with mixing. I like to add about 8oz of nugget ice. then fill with water and shake it. With the insert piece that is in my other shaker, it keeps the ice inside the cup, and once the ice is small enough then it gets thru. Because this does not come with the insert, it lets the ice thru. This is my reason for a 4 star. had it had the insert like their other shakers have, easy 5 star.

I also picked this up so that I can leave one at work and one at home to use. So, would have been nice to have the insert piece.


I love the color choice 😁

Robin Graves
Glad I got the limited tumbler

I’m all about limitied releases so you know I had to grab this only 60 made …. yea better get it while you can

Justin kleinhardt
Great shaker

This was a great shaker thought it would have came with a net the bottle itself is great