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Dubby Energy Founder Releases Press Release


Founder Anthony Addresses Supporters on the 2-Year Anniversary of Dubby Energy's Existence: The War on Big Energy Continues with Significant Progress

[San Diego, CA, 4/15/2023] - Founder Anthony, the esteemed leader of Dubby Energy, addressed his loyal supporters today on the momentous occasion of the 2-year anniversary of Dubby Energy's existence. With unwavering determination, Anthony updated the public on the progress of the ongoing battle against Big Energy in what has come to be known as the War on Big Energy.

"Today marks a significant milestone for Dubby Energy as we celebrate our 2-year anniversary," announced Anthony. "We have come a long way in just 730 days, but make no mistake, the War on Big Energy is far from over. We are only 95 days into this battle, and there is still much work to be done."

Anthony highlighted the negatives of Big Energy, the large energy corporations that prioritize profits over quality. "Big Energy has been known to use maltodextrin fillers, artificial colors and dyes, and other random ingredients to boost their bottom line,"  Anthony declared. "This is unacceptable, and we will not rest until we have taken down Big Energy.

Despite the challenges, Anthony reported significant progress in the War on Big Energy. "Thanks to the unwavering support of our dedicated supporters, we have made strides in raising awareness about Big Energy,"  Anthony stated. "We have brought light to the public, and we have gained momentum in our mission to provide clean and sustainable energy alternatives through Dubby Energy."

However, Anthony called on all supporters to ramp up their efforts and continue to push forward in the battle against Big Energy. "Our fight is not over. We need each and every one of our supporters to join us in this battle,"  Anthony declared. "Spread the word, tell a friend, and switch to Dubby from Big Energy. Together, we can make a difference and create a better future for energy drinks."

Anthony concluded the press release with a powerful message of determination and resilience. "On this 2-year anniversary of Dubby Energy, we renew our commitment to the War on Big Energy. We will continue to fight tirelessly until we have achieved victory," Anthony stated. "Join us in this noble cause, and together, we will bring about positive change and a brighter future for cleaner energy drinks."

About Dubby Energy:

Dubby Energy is a pioneering clean energy company that is committed to providing flavorful energy drinks with no jitters or crash. Founded two years ago, Dubby Energy has been at the forefront of the War on Big Energy. Dubby Energy's products are free from harmful fillers, artificial colors, and dyes, and are designed to have zero jitters or crash.


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