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The Top 6 Healthiest Gaming Energy Drinks For Gamers (2022)

The Top Healthiest Gaming Energy Drinks for Gamers in 2022


1. What Makes An Energy Drink Good For Gaming?

2. Healthy Energy Drinks for Gamers - What's Important?

3. Top Healthiest Gaming Energy Drinks (In Order)

  1. Dubby Energy
  2. Celsius 
  3. X-Gamer
  4. Reign Energy 
  5. Bang Energy
  6. Black Coffee 

4. Most Unhealthy Energy Drink for Gamers

5. Conclusion


1. What Makes An Energy Drink Good For Gaming?

It's no doubt that energy drinks are widely consumed worldwide by people of all ages. Some may even argue that the world runs on caffeine, heck - even coffee and tea usage dates back 5000 years ago.

When it comes to energy drinks, many people use them for different purposes. Some use them to stay productive at work, at the gym, or even to enhance their performance while gaming. 


So what makes an energy drink good for gaming? Well - it's rather simple. 

Caffeine is the most important ingredient, which is shown to enhance alertness, keep you focused, provide energy, and also increase productivity. Vitamins and Amino Acids are also very important to enhance focus, and certain ones are found in some energy drinks. Nootropics can also be very important, as they help boost brain function.

One thing to avoid when gaming is an energy drink that has high amounts of sugar. While sitting down, it is not wise to consume upwards of 60grams sugars, like most canned drinks have. This will cause a massive spike in insulin, and then a nasty crash, which will surely affect your gameplay. 

2. Healthy Energy Drinks For Gamers - What's Important?

While it is highly recommended to avoid sugars in energy drinks while gaming, there are a few other ingredients you may want to avoid.

Some of these ingredients are: 

  • Maltodextrin Filler (processed carb that spikes insulin, very cheap and used as a filler)
  • Artificial colors or dyes (like Red40)
  • Proprietary blends (These are often snake-oil formulas, with no true value)

Energy drinks that use these ingredients are clearly cutting corners. Using these ingredients means they can produce the drink for slightly cheaper, adding more profit into their pocket. But at who's expense? The customers.

Gaming Energy Drinks that are free from these ingredients are what we consider to be healthier alternatives for gamers who demand a better quality energy drink. 

3. Top Healthiest Gaming Energy Drinks (In Order)

1. Dubby Energy (Winner)

  • Caffeine: 150mg 
  • Sugar Free and Maltodextrin Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Dyes
  • No Jitters, Angst, or Crash
  • $1.15 per drink

Dubby Energy is the clear winner when comparing which energy drink is the best for gamers in 2022. 

Dubby Energy is an energy drink that was formulated to compensate for all the flaws that other energy drinks have. Other drinks are either way too strong, taste bad, are loaded with sugar, or use maltodextrin or artificial colors. 

Dubby contains none of that, and actually contains 10 effective vitamins, amino acids, and even a patented nootropic called NeuroFactor to boost focus.

Dubby Energy also is free of jitters, angst, or crash that most other caffeine drinks produce. This is perfect for gamers who need energy and focus but don't want their leg to shake for an hour. 

Besides the ingredients and zero crash - Dubby actually is a very highly rated drink when it comes to taste. Dubby makes all of their flavors custom, and they vow to only produce flavors you haven't tasted before.

That makes sense when you see their top selling flavor is called Dragonade, which is a dragonfruit, pink starburst, and lemonade combo. Talk about unique!

At $1.15 a serving, Dubby beats every one on this list, with the exception to black coffee. 

2. Celsius 

  • Caffeine: 200mg 
  • Sugar Free and Maltodextrin Free
  • Made from Green Tea Caffeine
  • No dyes
  • $3.29 per drink

Celsius is a mild tasting energy drink that is intended to be for the audience that is seeking a healthier canned energy drink than other drinks in the same isle.

It is sugar free, and contains 200mg caffeine. This is a bit high for gaming, but those with higher tolerances can easily handle this. 

The flavor is mild, as they have a green tea base and also a sparkling version. This drink is overall good and the only downside is the high price ($3.29). This can quickly add up if you crack one open each gaming session. 

3. X-Gamer

  • Caffeine: 200mg 
  • Small amounts of sugars
  • Lots of general flavor options
  • Small amount of maltodextrin
  • Less than $1 per drink

X-Gamer makes the list because it is a good option for people in Sweden who may not have access to some of the other options. 

It does unfortunately contain sugar and maltodextrin, but they are in small doses. 

The cost of X-Gamer is less than $1 per drink, however if you purchase it overseas the shipping cost may end up bringing that cost up.

X-Gamer has a lot of flavors to pick from, and while they do contain some maltodextrin, we find them to be a better alternative than some of the other brands out there like Sneak and Gfuel for customers in Sweden.

4. Reign Energy

  • Caffeine: 300mg 
  • Sugar Free and Maltodextrin Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Dyes
  • High caffeine can cause anxiety or jitters
  • $3.29 per drink

Reign makes this list because they actually make a solid canned energy drink. Reign is owned by Monster Energy and it is their competing product to Bang Energy. 

Reign has a lot of cool flavors, but beware of the high caffeine content - which can produce anxiety and jitters and throw off your gaming focus.

The biggest con is the price, at $3.29 per can, it is not viable to consume every gaming session.

5. Bang Energy

  • Caffeine: 300mg 
  • Sugar Free and Maltodextrin Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Dyes
  • High caffeine can cause anxiety or jitters
  • $2.99 per drink


Bang Energy also makes our list because of it's lack of artificial colors or dyes, maltodextrin, or sugars. It is very high caffeine content (300mg) which can produce anxiety or jitters and affect gameplay.

Bang does have a lot of great and unique flavors, and at $2.99 it is a slightly more affordable option than Reign, but still a bit pricey to consume daily. 

6. Black Coffee

  • Caffeine: 80mg 
  • Sugar Free
  • Simple but effective
  • Acquired Taste
  • $0.50 per drink


We had to include black coffee on our list. It may not be a traditional energy drink, but a cup of black coffee can still provide you energy to focus and clutch up while gaming. 

Beware though - once you start adding spoonfuls of syrups or sugars, this can lose it's spot on the healthy list. 

At $0.50 a serving, it is the most cost conscious product on this list. 

4. Most Unhealthy Energy Drinks for Gamers

While we won't name any brands directly, any drink containing massive amounts of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or maltodextrin should be avoided in our opinion.

Some of the industry leading brands use these products as they are extremely cheap and help bring costs down for them. Next time you see one of those industry leading brands, take a look at the ingredients, and remember, the largest items in there will appear first in the list. So if it's first on the list, it's loaded with it. 

5. Conclusion

There are a lot of great options for healthier energy drinks to drink while gaming. We strongly believe that Dubby Energy is the obvious winner due to its characteristics.

All brands that were mentioned are brands that we respect, and do also consume. 

Please note, drinking an unhealthy energy drink every now and then is fine, and in fact, we do enjoy a can of sugar water ourselves from time to time. However, if you are going to be consuming energy drinks for gaming, it is best to pick the healthiest option you can find.